The Southern Cross is a Victory Class far trader.

Southern Cross
Ship Summary
Class Victory
Faction Independant Trader
Status Active
Location Somewhere in the Scatter
NorthStar Poster



Crewed by folks predominantly from Oceania.


Not an official ship.


If you see this ship in game, it is likely you are about to wonder where your credit card funds went...


Gidday Mate...


The Aussie Engineer "in charge" of everything except the StarDrive has made a modification to the Captain's "running lights". A simple switch alters the Southern Cross displayed by one small and otherwise insignificant light...

Ship SheetEdit

Ship StatisticsEdit

Northstar uses the Chimera RPG system.
The original author of this Template didn't know anything about Chimera when designing this Template.

Southern Cross
Hull Strength 1 to 10
STL Speed 1 to 10
FTL Speed 1 to 10
Crew Capacity 1 to 10
Cargo Capacity 1 to 10
Steerage Capacity 1 to 10
Range 1 to 10

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